Alpback Workshop

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10th Alpbach Workshop on
Affinity Proteomics
11th to 13th March 2024


Welcome to the Alpbach Workshops on Affinity Proteomics, held biennially in the picturesque Austrian alpine village of Alpbach.


The Alpbach Affinity Proteomics workshop is regarded as one of the foremost meetings on antibodies and other protein-binding molecules and their role in defining the proteome, and the exceptional scientific and organisational quality of these biennial meetings has been influential in defining and advancing the field of affinity proteomics. These vibrant and interactive meetings combine high level science presentations and discussions with excellent opportunities for networking and winter activities in a beautiful alpine setting. Through nine previous meetings, we have built up a reputation for exceptional quality in all aspects with participation by some of the most influential scientists in the field (see Gallery for pictures of previous events). The workshops introduce younger researchers to the most up-to-date methods and progress in the field and provide an opportunity for talks, posters and publications.


The workshop programme includes topical areas in Affinity Proteomics, such as antibody design and validation, novel binder formats, multiplexed protein detection, biomarkers, diagnostics and therapeutics (see programme of the 2019 workshop). We ensure ample time for relaxed discussion and networking, facilitated by having all meals and social activities provided and taken together by all participants. Situated in an excellent alpine ski area, we pause in the middle of the day for skiing and other winter activities according to taste.



Antibodies and other affinity reagents are among the most powerful and widely-used analytical and diagnostic tools in protein research and occupy a central position in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries as some of the most important therapeutics for cancer and autoimmune disease. Antibodies have defined the tissue and subcellular localisation of much of the proteome, and are also increasingly interfaced with mass spectrometry to characterise individual proteins and complexes. Nevertheless, a major challenge is to produce specific reagents for detection of all human proteins and link them reproducibly to diverse applications. Biomarker detection relies largely on availability of specific binding reagents and sensitive assays. Moreover, antibodies, their variants (e.g. bispecifics) and other binder types represent the most rapidly growing sector in biological therapeutics. Results achieved through affinity proteomics technologies therefore have a strong impact on the biomedical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


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