Alpback Workshop

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9th Alpbach Workshop on
Affinity Proteomics
March 11-13 2019




Sun 10th March: Pre-workshop Reception and Dinner

Mon 11th March: Morning Session  –  Lunch break  –  Poster viewing  –  Afternoon Session  – Dinner

Tue 12th & Wed 13th March:  Morning Session  –  Light Lunch  –  Mid-day Break  –  Coffee/Tea  –  Afternoon Session  – Dinner 


NEW: Selected poster contributors will also have the opportunity to present a 2 min Flash Talk


The mid-day break on Tuesday and Wednesday (4 hours) will allow participants to make the most of the alpine location. Dinners are open to all participants, and on Wednesday evening, we finish with our traditional party for all. This inclusive approach ensures excellent networking opportunities. See our Gallery for impressions from previous years.


The meeting programme for 2019 is currently being organised. Confirmed Speakers and Chairs confirmed to date are: 

Matt Baker (Thermo Fisher)

Anita Bandrowski (Antibody Registry)

Bernd Bodenmiller (Zürich)
Carl Borrebaeck (Lund University)
Andrew Bradbury (Specifica, Los Alamos)
Andrew Chalmers  (CiteAb, Bath)

Dean Clift   (MRC LMB, Cambridge)
Birgit Dreier (University of Zurich)
Stefan Dübel (Technical University of Braunschweig)

Michael Fiebig (Absolute Antibody)

Sarel Fleishman (Weizmann)
Larry Gold (SomaLogic, Boulder)
Simon Goodman (Darmstadt)

Susanne Gräslund (Stockholm)
Sophie Hernot (VUB Brussels)
Björn Hock (Ferring)
Jörg Hoheisel (DKFZ Heidelberg)
Ann Holmberg (Qlucore, Lund)
Michael Hust (Technical University of Braunschweig)
Nebojsa Janjic  (SomaLogic, Boulder)
Ulf Landegren (Uppsala University)
Fridtjof Lund-Johansen (University of Oslo)
John McCafferty (Iontas, Cambridge)
Kirsten Meyer (Sanger Institute, Hinxton)

Dario Neri (ETH, Zurich)
Peter Nilsson (SciLifeLab, Stockholm)
Hidde Ploegh (Boston Children's Hospital)
Andreas Plückthun (University of Zürich)

Ulrich Rothbauer (University of Tübingen)

Thomas Schirrmann (Yumab)

Jochen Schwenk (SciLifeLab, Stockholm)

Markus Seeger (University of Zürich)
Alejandra Solache (Abcam)

Volker Stadler (Pepperprint)

Jan Steyaert (VIB Brussels)
Jim Trimmer (University of California, Davis)
Mathias Uhlén (SciLifeLab, Stockholm)
Cécile Vincke  (VIB Brussels)
Michael Weiner (Abcam)


Biographies of Speakers and Chairs received to date can be found here

Additional short presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts.